Your Instructor Jenny Landgren...

Hi, I'm Jenny! I thought I wanted everyone to be happy, understand me, and get along. I do want a healthy and peaceful relationship with everyone, yet not at the expense of my sanity.

With my background of being such a PEOPLE PLEASER, my mind was focused on other people's opinions… their ideas of me… and me trying to control what I could not and cannot control.

In doing my own inner work, I am becoming more compassionate with myself and accepting ‘who I am’ in any given moment. I'm learning that the people who really do have a love for themselves are able to hold space for other people as well as themselves, because they are coming from a place of enoughness. 

Enoughness is a way to live that honors yourself, brings you peace, and honors the planet. It's coming from a place where service to others is a gift to yourself.

This course was built from my hard earned lessons. In going through this course, I know you will find the peace you are seeking...



You would not have recognized me five years ago. Sharing these words with you... I see the woman I was. I deeply love her. I learned to love her. I used to shame her... A series of events woke me up to reclaim my life in a most powerful way. It’s been the most amazing journey of EXPANSION

As CEO of NARA Communications and Vice President of Europe Operations for The Breath Framework™, I guide clients worldwide on the journey of reclaiming their lives...

They are CEOs, managers, and employees all sharing the human experience of knowing suffering in one way or another. I meet them where they are and hold absolute safe space for them. I present the deeper psychological understanding they need for themselves and others, as well as tools for communication. 

Tools to expand their lives.

On their journey towards healing they learn how to forgive others, as well as themselves for what they have allowed in their lives. They begin to grow through every life experience with their eyes WIDE OPEN, calling things by their true name, and begin to nurture themselves with a compassionate spirit.

I watch them move from clarity to clarity as they start living a life they did not always believe possible.

Friends, difficult experiences can have beautiful outcomes and there is healing on the other side of doing one’s inner work for those who seek it.

This course was designed for you.

Course curriculum

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    • TRAUMA



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    • PEACE

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    • Letting go is...

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    • Core Values Assessment Instructions

What Others Are Saying

It Takes One to Know One

by Linda Vettrus-Nichols

This is a course you can trust because it has been built upon the personal transformations of Jenny Landgren. Like the saying goes "It takes one to know one." As a behavioral scientist and communication expert, Jenny has put together an impactful sequence of lessons and tools to implement on your road to healing.

Understanding the Human Experience

by H.E. Amb. Terry Earthwind Nichols

Jenny Langren is a brilliant behavioral scientist and coach. Jenny definitely understands the human experience. I highly recommend her course THE EXPANSION OF YOU. She understands how to live in healthy detachment and empowers her clients to do the same.

Leadership is About Self-Discovery

by Jennifer Beitz

Jenny Landgren seeks to encourage leaders in self-discovery in order to find clarity and take action in their lives. As a behavioral science expert, Jenny connects with others at a deep level and teaches tools for better communication. The content Jenny produces focuses on empowering leaders in all areas of business to unleash their team member’s true potential.

Living an Authentic Life

by Chelle Shapiro

Jenny reminds me that as an empath, I often take on other people's energies. Through her teachings, I am able to contribute in a way that is not influenced by other people. No one is getting an impression of me that has been imposed upon by someone else's energy. It's raw, it's real, and it's me.

People Pleasing Recovery

by Dorrit Karlsen

The number one thing I’ve learned from Jenny Landgren is to be more intentional about pausing. As a recovering people pleaser I decided to focus on my own joy. I now make my decisions based on what I feel is good for me to do for others, not what others are expecting me to do for them.